About Us

“Our Club is fueled by passionate volunteers with a common vision – to celebrate and advance our knowledge and enjoyment of Oldmobiles, and support each other in every way”

  • Our membership own and maintain over 300 Oldsmobiles
  • Some members speak 303 thru 394 cubic inches; others know 215 thru 455. Others are Quad 4 and metric folks!
  • Rocket passion also ranges from Hydramatics, Jetaways and Slim
    Jim’s thru 3, 4, 5 and 6 speed transmissions
  • F-35 to F85, 66s to 98s, Futuramic to Cutlass, Fiesta to Starfire, H/O,Vista
    to Custom Cruiser, Toronado to Aurora, Omega to Alero and Bravada*
  • Members who are experienced with complex vehicle systems
  • Body, paint and upholstery source referrals
  • Senior judging knowledge following Oldsmobile Club of America rules
  • Attendance at regional drag races

Our annual events include a display at the January Turlock Swap Meet, the spring Pacific Southwest Zone Show (co-hosted with the Olds Club of Southern California), a fall Oldsmobile Car show & picnic, and a Christmas party luncheon. Additional events occur based on volunteer support.

We are a chapter of the Oldsmobile Club of America (OCA), which has over 4,000 members and offers a monthly publication (Journey With Olds), tech advisors, a National Meet, and regional (Zone) shows across the country. OCA membership is encouraged, but not required to become a NCOC member. Neither club requires Oldsmobile ownership to become a member. Join us for fun and information and remember all Oldsmobiles are welcome, stock or modified.

We have an award-winning bi-monthly newsletter that provides our members with a Northern California perspective on local Oldsmobile-related events and topics. The Oldsletter features member stories of their cars and projects, regional event listings and coverage, messages from officers and representatives, a cars and parts for sale section with photos and an annual club membership roster issue. It is available in either as an e-mailed pdf file or a mailed print version, at your choice.

*All Oldsmobiles Stock or Modified Welcome in Nor-Cal Olds Club